About ClockworkBlack

I’m an Assistant Professor of African History.  My work focuses on questions of gender, race, sexuality, and identity in comparative colonial societies with a particular interest in the history of settler colonialism.  More directly research interests include imperialism, settler colonialism, indigeneity, African history, gender studies, queer theory, and religion.

I recently published a book! It’s titled Queering Colonial Natal: Indigeneity and the Violence of Belonging in Southern Africa that looks at the intersections of indigeneity, sexuality, race, and gender in the British colony of Natal in southern Africa.

This is a fashion blog that documents my #weaponizedfashion, the attempts to pointedly and purposefully occupy space as a queer, black, fat male professor formerly on a Southern university campus and now back ‘home’ of sorts at a private university in Southern California.  Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and why Clockwork Black?  A lot of my aesthetic is influenced by steampunk, but with a bent toward thinking about race (particularly my own ethnic background), and disrupting preconceived professional dress norms.  Also, the opportunity to make a pun on a Kubrick film is always welcome.


Image may contain: T.J. Tallie, smiling, eyeglasses and indoor

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