Black, Queer Protest | Thursday, 28 February 2019


It’s been a long as hell Black History Month.  This month alone we’ve had to endure:

– Virginia’s Governor and Attorney General admitted to blackface.
– Jennifer Lopez was asked to perform a tribute to Motown by the Grammys.
– The entirety of the Jussie Smollett debacle.
– Green Book wins fucking Best Picture
– Gucci blackface sweater
– Katy Perry aaaaaand those blackface shoes.
– Conservatives tried to come for Malia Obama for drinking rose like the Bush twins weren’t anthropomorphic flasks.
– Australia ruled the racist cartoon against Serena wasn’t racist.
– San Diego cartoonist publishes racist ass cartoon about Jussie Smollett
– Mark meadows did something racist and then had to be reassured publicly lest he feel racist.
– Virginia’s First Lady handed out cotton to black children at the Governor’s Mansion.
Look.  It’s too much.  It’s exhausting.  On top of that, as a queer person the news about the UMC’s retrograde homophobia and the queer aspects of the Smollett debacle mean I’m tired on multiple fronts.  Today I’m presenting and speaking about the film Moonlight today with a colleague, and I’m a tired queer black person.
the NO poncho sums up my feelings in so many ways, as does the “constant state of rage,” a riff on James Baldwin’s description of being black and conscious in the United States.
I’m enraged and tired, but I’m also stylish and pushing and not giving up.  But I need a nap.



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